Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ section for swift access to invaluable insights into our array of solutions and services. We've curated a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to offer you transparent and easily understandable answers, ensuring your journey with us is nothing but straightforward.

Company Information

How long has Maximus Rose been in operation?

Maximus Rose has been in operation since 2013.

Who We Are

Is Maximus Rose a nationwide broker?

Yes, Maximus Rose is a nationwide broker licensed to service clients across the country.

Does Maximus Rose provide services outside of Canada?

Yes, Maximus Rose has cross-border partnerships and can provide services outside of Canada, particularly in the US.

How can I obtain a quote from Maximus Rose?

You can obtain a quote from Maximus Rose by filling out the quote request form on our website or by contacting one of our brokers directly.

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Services Offered

What services does Maximus Rose offer?

Maximus Rose provides a range of essential services including group benefits plans, individual plans, retirement and pension plans, travel coverage, and investment services. Additionally, we have a suite of partnerships aimed at enhancing overall client satisfaction and well-being.

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How does Maximus Rose support mental health and well-being?

Maximus Rose offers a revolutionary program called UFirst, designed to provide comprehensive mental health support and resources for employees.

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Does Maximus Rose offer additional services beyond standard benefits?

Yes, Maximus Rose offers value-added services such as wellness programs, Indigenous-focused benefits through the Indigenous Workplace Wellness program (IWW), and educational resources to promote employee well-being.

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How does Maximus Rose help clients optimize their benefits packages?

Maximus Rose works closely with clients to tailor benefits packages that align with their organization's needs, budget, and employee demographics, ensuring maximum value and coverage.

Support and Operations

What are Maximus Rose’s hours of operation for customer support?

Maximus Rose's customer support is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, ensuring timely assistance and responses to inquiries.

How can your brokerage assist my company in finding the right group benefits package?

Our benefits specialists are committed to understanding your organization's unique needs and goals, offering expert guidance and customized solutions to create an optimal group benefits package.

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Does Maximus Rose offer reporting and analytics services for benefits management?

Yes, Maximus Rose provides reporting and analytics, empowering clients with data-driven insights and strategies to optimize benefits management and decision-making.

Are there dedicated services or supports for Indigenous communities through Maximus Rose?

Yes, Maximus Rose offers Indigenous-focused benefits and supports through the Indigenous Workplace Wellness program (IWW), tailored to meet the specific needs and priorities of Indigenous communities.

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