Group Benefits

Let us take the complexity out of your Group Benefits journey, ensuring a smooth transition from your first inquiry to complete implementation. Our partnership with top insurance carriers nationwide allows us to create personalized programs that cater perfectly to your organization and your employees' unique needs.

Fully Insured Plans

Fully insured plans are the bedrock of employer-sponsored benefits, offering a reliable route to comprehensive coverage for your team. In this traditional setup, carriers assume the risk, freeing you from financial concerns about medical expenses. It’s about giving your employees assurance and seamless access to healthcare services they can count on.

We get it—your employees' well-being is key. That's why we offer a lineup of options designed just for them. By teaming up with like-minded and committed insurance providers, we lock in competitive rates and top-notch solutions, solidifying your employees' trust that their employer puts them first.

  • The insurance carrier takes on the responsibility for potential financial losses due to unexpected medical expenses.
  • With fixed premiums, employers can enjoy the benefit of a set budget for their employee’s health coverage so there are no surprises.
  • With coverage in place and the carrier managing unforeseen expenses, employees focus on work without worrying about healthcare costs.

Self Insured Plans

Self-insured plans empowers organizations by putting you in charge of covering claims through a third-party administrator, bypassing traditional insurance carriers and their expenses. It's a direct line to managing healthcare costs efficiently, putting control back into your organization's hands.

We recognize the value of having complete control over your healthcare plans, understanding that one-size-fits-all solutions might not align with your business needs. Whether it's tailoring coverage to specific employee demographics or implementing cost-saving measures, we're here to support your vision and ensure that your healthcare strategy aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

  • Take charge of costs and handle claims directly, giving you the power to shape your healthcare expenses.
  • Ensure stability by implementing effective risk management strategies that stand the test of time.
  • You hold the reins, assuming the risk and steering the direction of the healthcare plan, allowing you to make strategic decisions tailored to your workforce's needs.

Hybrid Plans

Hybrid insured plans are like the best of both worlds, blending features from fully insured and self-insured plans to strike a perfect balance between managing risk and controlling costs. With this approach, you can enjoy the stability and predictability of traditional insurance coverage while also having the flexibility to customize plans and save on expenses. It's a versatile solution that adapts to the unique needs of each employer, offering the ideal balance between risk management and cost control.

Get the ultimate combo of robust coverage for full protection and the flexibility to fine-tune costs to fit your exact needs. Enjoy peace of mind and total financial control in a single package catered to you.

  • Craft coverage that speaks directly to your employees' unique situations, ensuring each member receives tailored protection that fits their specific needs.
  • Harness the power of the hybrid model to navigate risks effectively, ensuring balance while adapting to evolving circumstances.
  • Maintain control over costs while guaranteeing complete coverage, allowing you to manage expenses without compromising on the quality of care provided.

Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) are like a personal fund for your well-being, providing versatility and cost containment beyond traditional medical coverage.

With HSAs, employees can use non-taxable dollars to cover additional medical and dental expenses that may not be included in group or provincial medical plans. It's like having your own healthcare piggy bank, giving you the freedom to invest in your health and address specific needs without worrying about tax implications.

Unlock your health potential with HSAs. Your personal powerhouse for tailored wellness, cost control, and tax-free healthcare. Say goodbye to unexpected healthcare costs and hello to a more empowered approach to wellness.


  • Wellness Spending Account (WSA) - Provides a taxable fund designed to encourage healthier living — granting the employer the autonomy to determine which expenses are eligible, spanning from home office supplies, transportation expenses, childcare, gym memberships, and beyond.
  • The Flex Plan - Merges the HSA and WSA, allowing employees to decide. Employers allocate a total balance for employees to distribute between the accounts as they see fit at the beginning of the benefit year.
  • Health Spending Account (HSA) - Provides a tax-free option or supplement to standard benefits. It covers health-related costs such as vision, dental, chiropractic care, prescription medications, and more, following CRA guidelines.
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