Revolutionizing Indigenous Benefits: Maximus Rose's Transformative Role

Group and Corporate Services


Indigenous Organization

Executive Summary

Maximus Rose assumed the role of "Agent of Record" for an Indigenous organization's employee benefits program, marking a significant change after two decades with another agent. Chosen through a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, Maximus Rose stood out for its exceptional service, proactive cost-saving measures, and insightful HR policy recommendations. The transition, overseen seamlessly by Maximus Rose, maintained continuity with SunLife as the carrier while introducing additional benefits like Health Spending Account (HSA) and Wellness Spending Account (WSA). These cost-saving strategies not only enhanced the overall benefits package but also enabled reinvestment in employee wellness initiatives.


The client organization encountered the task of assessing their current employee benefits program and identifying areas for enhancement while upholding cost-effectiveness. Balancing the imperative of a smooth transition to a new agent of record with the aspiration to elevate employee benefits without inflating costs posed a multifaceted challenge for the organization.


Maximus Rose's holistic approach to managing employee benefits programs effectively tackled the identified challenges. Engaging in a competitive RFP process, Maximus Rose showcased their dedication to delivering exceptional service and cost-saving solutions customized to the organization’s requirements. 

Their proactive stance in pinpointing areas for enhancement, such as transitioning to myHSA for Health Spending Account provision and establishing a new Wellness Spending Account, streamlined the administration of benefits for the organization. Furthermore, Maximus Rose's proficiency in negotiating competitive rates led to substantial cost savings, empowering them to reinvest in employee wellness initiatives.


The transition to Maximus Rose proved highly advantageous for the organization. Maximus Rose's exceptional service, proactive approach, and cost-saving initiatives not only boosted the efficiency of the company’s employee benefits program but also yielded tangible benefits for both the organization and its employees. The smooth shift to Maximus Rose, alongside the introduction of additional benefits like HSA and WSA, enhanced the overall employee experience while upholding cost-efficiency. The organization is exceedingly pleased with Maximus Rose and satisfied with their decision to switch, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to both employee well-being and organizational success.

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