Efficiency in Action: Maximus Rose's Transformation of Disability Management Programs

Partnerships and Innovation


Community Centre (Community Living Algoma)

Executive Summary

In this case study, Maximus Rose, working alongside sister company Acclaim Ability Management Inc. (Acclaim), showcases its proficiency in benefits program management. Amid the pandemic's heightened disability claims linked to mental health, Maximus Rose identified substantial cost-saving opportunities for a large community organization. Through the realignment of the client's benefits program and short-term disability (STD) plan, Maximus Rose not only tackled the resistance to returning to work but also upheld the organization's dedication to empowering individuals to re-enter the workforce, demonstrating efficient resource allocation.


The challenge stemmed from a surge in long-term disability (LTD) claims transitioning from short-term disability (STD) within a six-month period prior to Maximus Rose's intervention, presenting a pressing need for strategic management and intervention to address the situation effectively.


Understanding the critical nature of the situation, our customized approach centered on aligning with the community's core values. We facilitated the shift from a fully insured to a self-insured model with Acclaim, effectively stabilizing LTD premiums and minimizing the average days lost due to short-term disability claims. This proactive approach not only resolved the challenges posed by the previous model's sustainability but also showcased the organization's dedication to optimizing resource allocation favourably.


The shift from full insurance coverage to a self-insured model resulted in a significant decrease in short-term disability (STD) costs, reducing from $210,422 to $96,136, generating savings exceeding $100,000. Furthermore, the adoption of the new model led to a notable reduction in long-term disability (LTD) claims, dropping from 14 in the six-month period prior to intervention to zero within the first year. The integration of Acclaim's AcctrakTM digital case management system provided the plan administrator with real-time updates and statuses on STD claims, boosting operational efficiency and streamlining claim management processes.

Client Testimonial