Championing Responsible Retirement Planning: Maximus Rose's Policy Overhaul for Future Success

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In response to employees utilizing the retirement program as a short-term savings tool rather than focusing on long-term financial security, a mining company initiated a complete overhaul of its retirement policy. Recognizing the financial stability risks associated with this misuse of retirement funds, the company approached Maximus Rose to modernize and streamline its retirement policy.


The company encountered significant obstacles with its current retirement policy. Employees were utilizing their retirement accounts as short-term cash reserves, prematurely withdrawing funds without prioritizing long-term investment goals. This behavior not only diverged from the intended purpose of the retirement program but also led to unwarranted fees and administrative expenses. 

Furthermore, the absence of effective investment strategies impeded employees' capacity to accumulate substantial retirement savings, presenting enduring financial risks for both the employees and the company.


Maximus Rose took the lead in revamping the company's retirement policy to tackle the identified challenges head-on. Acknowledging the importance of encouraging responsible retirement planning among employees, Maximus Rose introduced a series of strategic initiatives aimed at optimizing the retirement program.

  1. First, Maximus Rose successfully negotiated reduced investment management fees, resulting in a notable 36% decrease in costs. This strategic move not only lowered expenses but also enabled a greater portion of employees' contributions to be directed towards investments, thereby optimizing long-term growth potential.
  2. Additionally, Maximus Rose undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the investment fund lineup, meticulously curating a selection of the top three funds within each asset category. This refined selection process ensured that employees had access to premium investment options tailored to their risk preferences and financial objectives, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the retirement program.
  3. ​​Lastly, Maximus Rose introduced a Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) into the retirement program, providing employees with added savings flexibility. This innovative inclusion of TFSA options furnished employees with a tax-efficient avenue to save and invest for both short-term and long-term financial goals, complementing the conventional retirement savings framework.


Maximus Rose's strategic initiatives led to significant enhancements in the company's retirement program. With a remarkable 36% reduction in investment management fees, annual savings of $60,000 were achieved, allowing for more substantial allocations towards employee investments and boosting long-term wealth accumulation.

The revamped investment fund lineup, featuring top-performing funds in each asset category, empowered employees to make well-informed investment decisions and construct diversified portfolios tailored to their financial goals. Furthermore, the introduction of a Group Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) offered employees additional savings flexibility and tax advantages. These changes greatly enhanced the probability of attaining meaningful retirement savings objectives and nurtured a culture of long-term wealth accumulation among employees.

In sum, Maximus Rose's strategic interventions not only streamlined the company's retirement policy but also gave employees the power to proactively shape their financial futures, ensuring enhanced financial security and well-being for all stakeholders involved.

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