Group Retirement & Pension Plans

At Maximus Rose, we know that securing financial futures isn't just about individuals—it's about uplifting entire teams. That's why our Group Retirement & Pension Plans are crafted to be more than just a solution—they're a promise of stability and growth. With a wealth of benefits for both employers and employees, we're here to make sure everyone's tomorrow is covered.

Pension Plans

Pension plans are offered to bridge the gap between personal savings and what you'll need for retirement. We are a trusted partner in guiding your employees towards a secure financial future, ensuring they can enjoy their golden years without worrying about money. Rest easy knowing that their hard work today will pay off tomorrow, providing peace of mind as they journey towards retirement.

Secure tomorrow with our team - Whether you're aiming for the control of defined contributions or the certainty of established benefits, we've got your back.

  • Secure your team's financial futures with fixed contributions and potential matches, granting them control along with locking assets in for retirement.
  • Ensure your employees' retirement reliability with guaranteed incomes, while your organization manages investment risks.
  • Distribute retirement planning responsibility across your organization, promoting stability and confidence in your team's financial future.

Group RRSPs

Group RRSPs offer your team a direct path to a secure retirement, provided to accelerate their savings progress. With contributions from both sides, it's a strong investment tool designed to fortify their future. This is a collaborative partnership between employer and employee, dedicated to safeguarding their financial health in the long run. Through Group RRSPs, you're not just investing in retirement; you're investing in the loyalty and prosperity of your workforce, one contribution at a time.

Direct your team’s path to financial freedom with Group RRSPs. Don’t just offer retirement savings opportunities; foster loyalty, satisfaction, and long-term wellness among your valued team members and start investing in their future today.

  • Pay yourself first and prioritize the financial future by automatically allocating funds from each paycheck towards the RRSP, ensuring consistent savings over time.
  • Enjoy tax benefits upfront as RRSP contributions are deducted directly from your gross pay.
  • Take advantage of bulk savings by investing in wholesale RRSP options, maximizing the value of your contributions and increasing your returns over the long term.

Deferred Profit-Sharing Plans

Deferred Profit-Sharing Plans (DPSPs) are like a reward program tailored for tomorrow, allowing companies to share their successes directly with employees. With tax incentives and vesting periods on employer contributions, DPSPs offer a win-win scenario for both employer and employee. It's a thoughtful way for you to invest in your team's financial well-being while contributing to their retirement savings. Plus, with contributions deferred until retirement, it's a smart strategy that ensures their hard work pays off when it matters most.

Elevate your company's commitment to employee prosperity with DPSPs - a powerful tool to share success, promote loyalty, and invest in your valued team members.

  • Nurture employees by sharing profits directly with them, encouraging a sense of commitment within your team.
  • Take advantage of tax incentives offered by Deferred Profit-Sharing Plans (DPSPs), maximizing the benefits for both your organization and your employees.
  • Implement vesting periods on contributions to encourage long-term trust and retention among your workforce, ensuring mutual success and growth.

Group TFSAs

Group Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) are a versatile savings toolkit your team can access through your organization, offering opportunities for both short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day fund, a dream vacation, or your retirement, TFSA contributions grow tax-free, providing flexibility and growth for your money. It's an accessible and convenient way to allow your employees to invest in their future, supported by your organization's partnership.

Incorporate Group TFSAs to enrich your organizations benefits portfolio, championing financial empowerment and securing the lasting financial well-being of your team.

  • Enjoy greater flexibility with Group TFSAs compared to group RRSPs, particularly when it comes to withdrawals, allowing for more accessible and versatile use of your savings.
  • Benefit from tax advantages, with contributions growing tax-free you can maximize the potential growth of your investments.
  • Take advantage of employer contributions to Group TFSAs, boosting your savings efforts and accelerating your progress towards achieving your financial goals.
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